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IT Security and Compliance (Tom Terronez, Medix Dental)

Tom Terronez, Founder and CEO of Medix Dental, leads a {0 CE’s} course on how to better navigate IT HIPAA guidelines and keeping your practice and patients protected. Technology is an often overwhelming industry for dentists and their practices, so this course is designed to help you efficiently navigate and understand your options in the simplest terms.

Dentists, office managers and staff welcome.

To register for the event please contact Jennifer Allen with Metro West Dental Specialty Group at 402-614-7022 or JennyA@metrowestdentalgroup.com

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Multidisciplinary Approach to Treat Temporomandibular Disorder: Physical Therapy Prospective (Rob and Susan Siegmund, PT DPT)

Program Description
The purpose of this course is to give practitioners practical information that can be used in assessment and treatment of patients presenting with temporomandibular dysfunction and pain allowing practitioners to better identify when, why and how to refer to Physical Therapy. An overview of the anatomy and biomechanics of the TMJ and cervical spine will precede a summary of common TMD disorders and the relationship of cervical spine posture and the temporomandibular joint. The role of the physical therapist and dentist in non-surgical management of TMD will be discussed.

Course Objectives:
1. Review pertinent anatomy and physiology of the temporal mandibular joint and cervical spine
2. Examine the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of temporal mandibular joint dysfunction between physical therapy and dental professionals
3. Discuss the relationship between the cervical spine, posture, and the temporal mandibular joint
4. Identify common disorders of the temporal mandibular joint
5. Understand common treatment approaches by physical therapists for temporal mandibular joint dysfunction
6. Discuss when, why and how to refer temporal mandibular joint dysfunction patients to physical therapy

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Periodontal Considerations for Crown Lengthening Procedure for your Dental Hygiene Practice (Dr. Takanari Miyamoto)

The goal of Crown Lengthening Procedure ( CLP) is to provide patients with naturally-looking restorations and healthy surrounding soft tissues. Often, patients present with gingival deformities such as excessive gingivae display posing a challenge to the treating clinician. Proper handling of the gingival tissues and underlying osseous structure can make the difference between treatment success and failure. This course is designed to provide dental hygienists with the scientific background  to understand CLP. It will address the methods to render a long term success with proper maintenance procedures from a soft tissue perspective. Diagnosis and treatment planning tools, complication management and when a referral is indicated will be emphasized.


  • Treatment options for the “Gummy Smile”
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning in the esthetic zone
  • Esthetic and functional crown lengthening
  • Esthetic surgery instruments
  • Flap design and suturing techniques
  • Management of complications
  • When and what to refer to a specialist
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Use of Cone Beam CT for General Practice with a Demonstration of Reading a CBCT (Dr. Douglas Benn)

Dr. Douglas Benn, Professor at Creighton University

{2 CEU}

 Who should attend?  Dentists and Dental Hygienists.

Course Objectives
– Learn how to read a CBCT.
– Recognize common pathological conditions.
– The time and skill needed to perform these actions.

Program Description
A description of the common conditions found in general practice and their CBCT appearance (cysts; radicular, dentigerous, nasopalatine, sinus mucosa pseudo. TMJ; degenerative joint disease. Impacted third molars.  Calcified carotid artery atheromatous plaque).

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Material Selection in the 21st Century Aesthetic Dental Practice (Michael Sesemann, DDS)

Course Objectives:
1. How to select the best indirect restorative material for a given situation in order to satisfy objectives of optimal aesthetics, satisfactory strength requirements and biologic compatibility.
2. Utilization of treatment objectives in order to choose the proper bonding application for a given situation.
3. Discover when and where CAD-CAM materials can be utilized in a superior manner over traditional restorative choices.
4. Learn how new, patented composite technologies have transformed the optimal posterior direct composite protocol.
5. Update of impant-supported prosthodontic options from single-tooth restorations to full-mouth fixed and removable treatment solutions.

Program Description:
Today’s dental patient arrives at our office expecting that any dentistry completed will be aesthetic and natural in appearance. Critical to the success of any aesthetic dental treatment is the appropriate selection of the proper restorative material. Selection of the best restorative material not only involves the potential for optimal optical properties but also requires an analysis of biologic and functional criteria.

This lecture will illustrate how the dentist-laboratory technician restorative team of the 21st century will utilize the newest materials (including CAD/CAM materials) and techniques to create dental restorations of the highest order. In a world where information is expanding at an exponential rate, it is critically important for the restorative team to have a decision tree at their disposal for choosing the best material for a given situation.

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Workshop for Medical Billing: Accessing Benefits for Exams, XRays, Wisdom Teeth & TMJ Appliances (Shelley DeGroff)

Course Objectives
– Identify what drives PPOs. What is their internal agenda?
– Learn 3 ways to better deal with insurance companies to get results
– Understand what you can and cannot change with insurance
– Take back what is yours and negotiate your PPO contracts

Program Description
Do PPOs drive your practice? Are your frustrated with your write-offs? Shelley’s presentation on PPOs and your Practice will help bring light to how you can better deal with insurance companies and how you can increase your revenue and decrease your write-offs. Shelley will go over how insurance companies work internally and what that means for you and your practice. Shelley will touch on how medical billing/cross coding can improve your revenue and off set your write-offs by submitting the correct stuff to medical and freeing up dental insurance for true dental needs.
Who Should Attend
Dentists, Billing Specialists, Office Managers


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Metro West Dental 2016 Symposium (Dr. Lyndon Cooper)

Dr. Lyndon Cooper, DDS, PhD Associate Dean for Research at College of Dentistry, University Illinois at Chicago

{4 CEU}

Dr. Cooper previously served as Stallings Distinguished Professor of Dentistry of the Department of Prosthodontics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He is currently Chairperson, acting Director of Graduate Prosthodontics and the director of the Bone Biology and Implant Therapy Laboratory.  Dr. Cooper is a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics and serves as the Vice President of the American College of Prosthodontics Board of Directors. He received the 2004 Clinician/Researcher Award by the ACP.  Dr. Cooper’s laboratory focuses on bone biology, adult stem cell bone regeneration, and clinical evaluation of dental implant therapies. The laboratory receives funding through NIH and by industry collaboration. Their research findings have been presented in over 70 publications and in more than 200 national and international presentations.   These efforts integrate basic and clinical research to improve patient care.

Who should attend?  Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Lab Technicians.


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